Tuesday, August 1, 2017

1st August, 2017 That's It! I'm Off!

Out with Lorraine and Jack this morning trying to extend the things that this two year old can do. Incrementally he is moving away from the others to be groomed and to have his feet handled. He is unfazed by the bridge, or sharing it, and he's going on short tours of the open Forest and taking a few obstacles in his stride.

Henrietta blotted her copybook. She followed my Jack out happily and enjoyed dashing around the inclosure. We went out on the other side of the inclosure onto the open Forest and she stayed close to Jack...

We had a bit of a staring competition with the deer before returning to the inclosure but on the way back home across the open Forest again she skedaddled and set off with a look of determination. Luckily the ponies she came across were not her old friends from two years ago and weren't all that pleased to see her.

That was enough to convince her that she should come home after all...

 That's just the way she rolls.