Sunday, August 6, 2017

6th August, 2017 Lady Muck

Our best ride of the year so far with Théoden much more confident now he has a few more miles on the clock. For a sixteen year old horse he is very low mileage and the nine months he had off represents a large percentage of his life. Today we met very polite people with double pushchairs, bicycles (those that could still breathe said hello!), and people that put their dogs on the lead the instant they saw us. We stopped for a friendly chat several times, allowing the dogs to get used to the horses and vice versa,  and also talked to a man who was an Oak Tree specialist, explaining that the French ones are likely to be better at withstanding the heat as we face higher temperatures through climate change. Théoden didn't put a foot wrong, although he did grow a few hands when we got back to the fields and he could here the sound of the tractor which he had forgotten about.

Juma was seeking sponsorship from Lockerley Garage trying to interest them in a free wash and polish. Product placement is very important.

Realised I haven't explained the Lady Muck reference - finished the muck spreading this weekend!