Monday, August 28, 2017

27th August, 2017 To the Moon and Back

A thoughtful post by Karen...

"Every session with Moon is a learning curve in one way or another, not only for what we are teaching Moon, but those areas she shows me need... a little more workNatasha, my photographer isn't on hand now, as she has fledged from the nest into her own deluxe pad, so the recording of sessions is less than previous, but she came to visit today, so we took advantage of that fact, with the hope in mind I could show Tasha how Moon had been with the headcollar around her neck. Horses always remind us to drop the ego, even though I didn't feel I was 'showing off' to Tasha, my energy was focused around working with the headcollar, Moon soon reminded me to allow her to set the pace and take it back a step to the basics, being a little more nervy around her ears again. We went back to rubbing the nice bits and revisiting the scarf before moving forward with the headcollar. This is only the 3rd time she has experienced the jangling buckles, she has no issue with it at all and I still feel the headcollar is actually my issue, I have this innate fear that I will buckle it around her neck and she will panic, not wanting to come near me and being left with this webbing thing dangling around her neck!! Yet again, she shows me that she really isn't that bothered and actually she can walk away from me with the webbing thing hanging around her neck and tread on the long lace (learning from today to shorten the laces) and not panic and still come back to me, we even had a play with putting the nose band up over her nose.. Our focus now will be on two hands near her head and neck and around her ears..."