Monday, August 7, 2017

7th August, 2017 My Other Hobbies

In truth I don't really have many hobbies - photography and writing being the only two - but every month I join David in his hobby of woodland management and it is definitely growing on me. Yesterday we collected more winter logs from trees that were blown over in the wind two years ago, and we spotted a toad, a frog, a Speckled Wood butterfly and a Small White. Attacking rhododendron with a sturdy pair of loppers is very therapeutic.

I see the horses almost every day (Tracey and Lorraine cover days off) and also keep an eye out for my New Forest ponies. Yesterday they were on their way to the water trough and my heart was in my mouth as they wandered down the road. He may be a poster boy for the New Forest Roads Campaign but it doesn't make it any easier.

He may be drinking from the water trough when he gets there but I don't think he's all that impressed. Not much nutritional value compared with Mum's milk.