Tuesday, June 12, 2007

12th June, 2007 Drifting

I took Petra drifting this afternoon when I bumped into Andrew and Peter, the Agisters. They were after the Shetland ponies that live near Janesmoor at Fritham. Petra was almost overwhelmed with the fun of it and I didn't dare let her go flat out. However as an introduction it was great and I can quite understand why people get such pleasure from joining in. I was probably neither use nor ornament but I didn't get shouted at and I didn't get sent home so we can't have done anything wrong. I doubt that the driven ponies would agree that it was so much fun - today was very low key and the ponies were simply seperated out so that some could be taken home to breed again. The little spotty foal was taken off with his Mum. Pie was caught up in the melee but released again this evening. I don't suppose I will ever be accepted by the true commoners - they see me as an outsider and someone who doesn't pull their weight. They also catch me doing weird things with horses, feather dusters and umbrellas and think I'm far too soft. Nevertheless there are some Commoners that are interested in what I do and happy to promote me when they think I can be useful to someone. Andy and Katie who own Duke are particularly supportive. Andy is going to be my rider when new starters come in. He is light and quiet and has a natural balance through years of drifting.