Friday, June 29, 2007

29th June, 2007 Bits of News

Sometimes I work with a horse and never find out what happened next. Last year I went to see a big black Hackney type horse that really was pushing his owner to the limits, running her over, rearing out on the road and being really quite dangerous. I did some groundwork with him but then advised that I thought he should go to Ian Vandenburghe because he really was beyond me. Off he went to Ian's and he came back six weeks later with some hope but his progress would be completely dependent on the ability of his owner to carry things on. I bumped into her this morning and by gum she has become feisty. Without being violent, she answers every question her horse asks and slowly but surely he is accepting that she is the leader and that he can rely on her. She took him to a local show and picked up a handful of rosettes. I also worked with a lady at Sixpenny Handley who seemed very keen on all the IH mularkey. I didn't hear a word from her for two months and then got the following e-mail: "Lunar was remarkable after your visit, too good really, after showing her to a friend who was visiting, she was bought on the spot....." That's not really the way to get repeat custom but it solved a dilemma for her owner.

Four years ago I bought a foal off the Forest and named him Vigo. I sold him to a friend who said that she would keep him for life but her circumstances changed and she sold him on again without telling me. I haven't seen the pony or the friend since but then the pony can't use a telephone or e-mail. Last Thursday a lady telephoned me to ask whether I knew anything about a pony she had bought called Vigo. I went to see him last Friday and he is well and happy. Hos new owner has spent the day with me today whle I've been working with various horses and I think we will be friends too!