Thursday, June 14, 2007

14th June 2007 Hayne's Manual

Horses, horses, horses. Amazing creatures. Dear Blue is out on the Forest without a Haynes manual and yet she knows how to look after Kanuthi. I am still not allowed near him because he is far too precious to her. Nellie-noo however let's me get on her without a saddle and bridle (or hat, sorry Kelly) and just thinks she is being cuddled from above. Willy the wild-pony has decided that people are okay and allowed six of us watch him being massaged yesterday. Dani, the condemned wild pony from last month thinks that clicker training is cool and let's his best friend Wendy touch him all over. Linda the accountant discovered that she has being using different accounting conventions from her Haflinger this morning and once we got them on the same software they gelled immediately. And then there's the little polo pony I went to see this afternoon. If only she could do the polo without the polo contraptions.....she loves the game but can't cope with the pressure on her poll.....she's daring us to trust her enough to take the gadgets away.