Wednesday, June 6, 2007

6th June, 2007 Miscellaneous

This time last year I had spent the day in casualty with a suspected fractured pelvis and I wondered whether I really wanted to carry on. The Doctor just laughed and said "Well if you will go riding on 666 it's your own fault!" One year on and I'm having a brilliant time. This morning I set of to work with Jacqui and Horace and drove past the Mouland Clydesdales who were all being bathed in the yard. I stopped and asked if it was okay to take their picture.....

After that, we took Horace and Jasper out for their first trip in a trailer. Jacqui had prepared really well - checked the tyres, oiled all the joints, full haynets, carrots, spare headcollars, map, emergency telephone numbers. I half expected to find a whistle and some flares. The ponies loaded first time, we took them down to Mockbeggar where we unloaded them and took them out on the Forest and then we loaded them again and brought them home. Perfect.And finally I drive over the Forest to work with my own horses and found Cinder's foal out on the Forest practising her ballet. Still no sign of my own foal though.