Tuesday, June 12, 2007

12th June, 2007 Horseworld

I had a very interesting visit to Horseworld, Bristol. Imagine having over 100 horses to work with, all with different physical and psychological issues. The Centre loans out a lot of horses and it was good to see the horses being worked and prepared for re-homing. It's an equine practitioner's dream - the Equine Touch team were there, a dental technician and a vet, equine college students and me all putting time in with these horses. Although the place is busy there is no shouting and the horses live out most of the time. They have post and rail fences, smaller paddocks for the fatties, a horse-walker, round pen and outdoor school. It was great to see Megan Turner who is taking her Stage II in November (no pressure there then) and Sasha Holden who did her MRCPH at the same time as me. It amuses me to see which horse names appear most commonly as "problem" horses - never call a horse Monty! (Or Molly, Olly or Holly or Fred, Freddie or Frank).