Tuesday, November 11, 2008

11th November, 2008 Write!

Victor, one of 62 horses that have already taken up residence at the Glenda Spooner (World Horse Welfare) stables near Somerton, Somerset. We were very kindly allowed to use this as a venue for a meeting this morning. Having been here a few years ago when the yard was owned by a racehorse trainer, it was interesting to see the changes they are making. It will be a while before it is open to the public.

So, (read this quietly), I had a meeting with a publisher friend this morning to make plans for a book on handling the wild foal. All I've got to do now is write it.......

E-mail received: Thought I'd tell you that I used your "laying the table" technique on a little-touched 18-mnth-old Exmoor today, and it went swimmingly from both sides. There is a small - mini, really - herd of Exmoors grazing Greenham Common (well, they had to do something with the land after the Greenham Common Women left) and I was contacted by the couple who manage the ponies on behalf of the District Council. A very sweet little chap.
Joanna O’Neill 12.11.08