Saturday, November 15, 2008

15th November, 2008 Strictly Foal Dancing

Susie and Gina came over today for a foal handling course. Mellow Mink is a handsome and sturdy chap and behaved beautifully. His owner seemed very pleased with the results. Three more on Monday and Tuesday and under cover (not like spies) too......what a luxury!
E-mails received: Hi Sarah! Thanks again for yesterday. Wish I'd seen one of your foal handling demos before I bred my first foal 14 yrs ago & also 12 yrs ago when I impulsively put my hand up & bid for the highest priced filly foal at the BR sales. After enticing him into the pen things went very well. Used the clicker training at first but then put the headcollar on & off a few times without.Did pressure and release on lead rope & he followed me around the pen in response. Kept the session short. Will keep you updated in a few days time. MH 17.11.08
MM's education progressing quite well. Am now catching him in small electric taped area {not electrified of course.}. You may collect pen anytime now as hopefully no longer needed. MH 24.11.08
E-mails from participants:
Thanks so much for sending all the pictures end the notes so quickly..I had an absolutely lovely day, and learnt so much…thank you.
GS 19.11.08
Just wanted to say thanks for course last Saturday, G and I enjoyed it v much and felt we learnt lots. The foal was such a smart little chap!
SF 20.11.08