Sunday, November 9, 2008

9th November, 2008 Here come the boys...

Zimbral, Lusitano stallion with immaculate manners.

I've now got a collection of clients who have taken on stallions with the intention of keeping them entire. The word stallion is derived from the phrase "stalled one", indicating that traditionally, stallions have been confined to barracks. Stallion owners have to make an informed decision about the way they want their stallions to live their lives and how they are going to balance the need to keep them safe against the need to keep them sane. Ideally stallions should be turned out regularly and allowed to socialise directly with other horses (or even a sheep or a goat) This way they are much less likely to become aggressive around humans and good consistent groundwork and varied ridden work means that stallions can be just as easy to handle as other horses.

E-mail received: I worked Zimbral yesterday but I just used body language for upward and downward transitions. He was so much calmer & very responsive. Afterwards my mum lead me round using the dually and he was very calm. We kept breathing out and he did too!
EB 12.11.08