Wednesday, June 10, 2009

10th June, 2009 Slow down or go round!!

Once again speeding drivers are causing death and injury to foals on the Forest that are just a few weeks old. Apart from the speed, drivers don't seem to appreciate that a foal will run straight across the road to its mother if it is frightened or away from a noisy vehicle into the path of another. It's disgusting that these drivers don't even stop. Consideration is being given to lowering the speed limit to a universal 30 mph across the Forest and if nothing else this might reduce the average speed to 40 mph for drivers that now drive at 50 mph. It might also persuade the satnavs that it is quicker to go round.

I was overtaken by a small lorry today. Plain white with an open back and it was plainly travelling at above the speed limit. It continued to speed away into the distance past a foal that right on the verge. The registration number was BV58 BVU and I will be reporting it to the police. Here are the statistics issued by the Verderers along with the name of the agister that had to go and shoot the animals concerned:

Week commencing Monday 1st June 2009
1st June ~ Bay filly destroyed HIT & RUN ~ Vereley Hill C10 ~ P Rix
1st June ~ Brown foal injured HIT & RUN ~ Goatspen C10 ~ J R Gerrelli
2nd June ~ Shetland pony injured ~ Nomansland ~ A Napthine
3rd June ~ Foal injured ~ Roundhill B3078 ~ A Napthine
4th June ~ Foal – nothing found ~ Ipers Bridge ~ M Lovell
6th June ~ Black foal injured HIT & RUN ~ Ocknell ~ A Napthine