Friday, June 19, 2009

19th June, 2009 Sweet about me....

.....and of course, she was actually very sweet, just a bit tetchy about having her legs touched and quite keen to tell you about it. We worked on finding out what sort of touch she actually prefers and then desensitising her to it.

E-mail received 23.6.09: "I did all the things again on Sat & Sunday with positive results, which was brilliant and gave me such a confidence boost". KW

It's been quite a week really. Pete, named after Stinky Pete in Toystory, has been backed and ridden a little bareback and will be going out riding in the inclosure next week. Chancer has a Western saddle and feels extremely comfortable in it. Kanuthi has been reunited with his mother and far from a touching ceremony, she told him to get lost in no uncertain terms.