Sunday, June 7, 2009

7th June, 2009 Because your horse is worth it

After another busy week it's good to hear news of how different horses are going on. The Morgan horse above belongs to Rachel and she has been working from my book. In the first picture you can see that he has a running foot up but apart from that all looks very calm. He certainly doesn't look worried about having a headcollar on.
E-mail received 14.6.09: "What a difference a week can make, last Saturday Bailey had a 1m exclusion zone around him and he was not going to let you in, today he loves a good scratch on his back and bum. Thank you for your book it is well written and easy to understand."
I got this e-mail from a man I went to see a couple of weeks ago. He is a photographer and it was interesting to tap in to his eye for detail and the overall picture. "Bess seems transformed into a relaxed and easy lovely big mare. (just like the one I fell in love with) Much, much more happy. With the vast amount of information you imparted to us we have been able to make her feel that we are in charge and she can relax and has."
This was about a non-loader that I went to see on Wednesday: "Practised loading L-pony today and she went in without stopping each time (about 6 times), she seems keen to go in the lorry now and is also calmer coming out!" and another horse owned by the same lady: "R-pony is a different pony and seems much more relaxed and less"Buzzy" if you know what I mean. He did attempt some rope chewing this morning but was easy to discourage. He is much more aware of where I am in relation to him as well."
Zimbral came third in his very first showing class today and Astro came third at the New Forest Pony Enthusiasts show too.
And finally, I have just heard from a lady who bought my book off E-bay. She had bought two New Forest yearlings that had had their headcollars forced on them and were not letting anyone near enough to get them off again. She was really worried because the headcollars were getting too tight and starting to rub. "Good news. I finished reading your book and tried out some of your methods. Have stabled both ponies, removed halters and they are both eating hard feed. I have managed to touch both of them. The smaller one is very easy and friendly, the bigger one is more of a challenge! She is either more aggressive or frightened ( I am not sure which, but think she is probably frightened). She lunges at you as if she is going to bite you, but I haven’t taken this personally as it is early days yet. Your book is just what I needed."LM

Save for a 6 a.m. start tomorrow, I have got a slightly easier week ahead.
I have discovered that Jack is a Wellow pony and I am looking forward to telling his breeder that he is with me. His father is Warren Playaway and his mum, Wellow Flannalette - he could have ended up as a wet wipe!