Saturday, June 27, 2009

27th June, 2009 Get Knotted ropes - PRODUCT RECALL

I have taken the precaution of recalling any of the 12' ropes that I have supplied in the last 12 months and have contacted those people who have bought a rope from me direct. However, I also thought I would alert anyone who has bought a rope with a clip from Get Knotted either through me or from the Get Knotted website as the product is not safe.

"I am very sorry but I need to alert you to a problem with the 12’ ropes that I have been supplied by Get Knotted who are based in France. Some time ago I did a product recall on those that have got silver coloured clips and those were replaced by me. Unfortunately I now find that we are having a similar problem with the replacement clips supplied by Get Knotted as well as those supplied on newer ropes and I have been alerted to three that have broken in the same place under relatively little strain. I have alerted the suppliers to this and was basically told that “clips break” and that they normally supply ropes without clips. I have had horses for over 30 years and cannot recall any clip breaking before. Accordingly, I think it is better if you were to return your rope to me either with a clip of your choice from another lead rein that you don’t mind sacrificing or we will source some suitable clips and replace them. Obviously we will pay for the postage in both directions. In the meantime, I would urge you not to use your 12’ rope in any situation where there might be a risk to you or your horse if he were to get loose. As we make hardly any profit on the ropes this is very frustrating!

I am extremely sorry that this has happened and some what embarrassed as I pride my self on absolute reliability which can’t be said of this product. If the company were in England I would report them to Trading Standards. Unfortunately my efforts to find another suitable supplier haven’t met with much luck either. Plas Equestrian have assured me on three separate occasions that they have put samples in the post but they certainly haven’t arrived here! I will shortly be receiving 10’ ropes from another supplier and we will test these out ourselves before we start selling them on."

This is the response I got from Get Knotted "clips will always bread sooner or latr that is why I do not like to fit them. I have ropes with just the loop on the end which I have had and used regularly every day for 10 years"