Thursday, April 14, 2011

14th April, 2011 Thursday feedback

Another fly spray session this morning, this time with a New Forest pony. Same technique worked beautifully. We also worked on putting fly cream on his ears. When you are trying to kill the flies don't act like your trying to kill your pony!! This is some of the feedback I've had over the last few days... "Sarah, I'm pleased to say that Gromit responded incredibly well to the Dually collar, and after only an hour of training I was able to get him to stand for the farrier who trimmed both front hooves, with Gromit calm and feeding. Next farrier visit to continue the work in June! I'll certainly be recommending the collar to others." GC - Conservation Manager "We wanted to see if Fudge would accept all what he learned on your visit... but tied up.. we started with kids having him in hand, then tied up and he was an angel, the idea being that the kids can now bring him in, groom him and tack him up with such little fuss. Certainly doing 5 brush strokes works very well and he is calm and relaxed and was falling asleep! It doesn't even really take the kids longer to brush him doing it this way, when you compare how long it took with him constantly fidgeting." JH "Shortreining has been a revelation with both boys." NB