Wednesday, April 27, 2011

27th April, 2011 Nelly has packed her trunk?

Kathryn and Jan came over today to 'spend' Kathryn's gift voucher on a long lining session with Petra P. We made a day of it, lunch at the pub before going on safari trying to find Nellynoo who is still missing. This is at the back of my mind every minute of every day especially as she is due to foal any moment. I wish I knew where she was. I'm trying not to panic and hoping that she will turn up safely. Brandy is with her and she is pregnant too. Not only would I like to make sure that they foal okay, I want to get Nelly in before the stallions go out on 14th May. In the meantime I can't work out whether Blue is pregnant or not. It has been four years since her last foal so she has got her figure back and there's just a small bulge. No other signs.