Saturday, April 16, 2011

16th April, 2011 Nelly has gone walkabout...

Aaagh! With only 11 days to go before she is due to foal, Nelly and her entourage have gone walkabout. Blue is in a different group near to my fields but the others have just disappeared. I have scoured the inclosures where gates are frequently left open and looked around their normal haunt and a beyond but can find no sign of them anywhere. I am sure I would have heard from the agister if anything awful had befallen them but I am worried that all that weight that I managed to keep on them throughout the winter will have fallen off because of the current drought. I am hoping to get them in immediately after they have foaled so that they don't get pregnant again when the stallions are turned out for a brief period in May. Nelly is a bright bay with two brands - an H in a horseshoe shape on her saddle area and a small LH on her shoulder. Hopefully this would have put anyone off stealing her.

Talking of the drought - grass is precious on the Forest, please park in the car parks NOT on the verge. How would you feel if I parked in your dinner??!!