Thursday, August 11, 2011

11th August, 2011 Beaulieu Road Sales Part I

The first of the autumn sales. The work of the New Forest Pony Publicity Group in promoting the New Forest pony seems to be paying off with lots of owners polishing and training their ponies before they go to the sales. Prices for older well handled and shown ponies was pretty high - the filly at the bottom, for example, fetched £680. A three year old gelding topped £1,200. The policy of severely limiting the number of stallions turned out and the time for which they are turned out shows that the Commoners are prepared to take a very responsible attitude to breeding and this should be reflected in the demand for this year's foals.

It worries me that the drifts are not very far off. If I allowed Peechay to be weaned at the drift he would only be three and half months old - too early. I shall do my best to get him, Nelly and Blue in before the two drifts in our area and of course he won't be weaned for a good few months yet.

I hope the two donkeys found a home together - they were absolutely inseparable in the pens. Donkeys form an incredibly strong bond.