Friday, August 19, 2011

19th August, 2011 Lindy's Guest Blog

It is a real privilege for me to be able to observe Sarah's work and we have had many stimulating discussions on horse behaviour, how horses learn and the reasons horses may perceive certain things as a threat. I usually work with older, steadier horses who know their job and live on a busy college yard. By contrast, Sarah works with many nervous and uncertain, often young or semi-feral, horses and ponies who show challenging behaviours in everyday situations. Sarah has impressed me with not only her knowledge but also her willingness to share this with owners so they may work with their horses to overcome their fears. Sarah does not judge either the horses or their owners but works patiently with the horses in a way they can understand; and in a manner which reduces their adrenalin and 'flee' responses.

Sarah uses a range of techniques so there is always a Plan B. The sessions always end on a good note so the horse builds his confidence. It is clear horses can reflect on what they have learned so that by the next visit there is even more progress (latent learning in action here!).

Lindy Wale

Course Tutor - Level 3 Horse Management

01305 215 156

Sadly, Lindy goes back to work at the college next week.