Tuesday, October 11, 2011

11th October, 2011 Back to Black

Petra: "This is a subliminal message, OPEN the GATE!"

Theoden in long lining class

Head boy

Great report

Mari-Lisa and Blackie
A ten hour day yesterday with six hours driving to and from Jim's to see Theoden. Luckily I had the company of Mari-Lisa who is coming for work experience next February but has seized the opportunity to come out on her days off from college. Theoden is doing really well and is much more fluid, willing and soft. The osteo is working on the muscles at  the base of his neck where some of the braces seem to appear when he is asked to turn to the right. I rode him at walk and trot and felt that I could put my legs on him and ask him things without him taking offence and bucking me off. He's going to stay a lot longer so that he comes back ready to go anywhere and I can just enjoy having a 'yes' horse rather than one I've got to do lots of work with.