Sunday, October 30, 2011

30th October, 2011 Hedgehogging

Slight embarrassment on Tuesday morning when three of the ponies has disappeared overnight. Hedgehog, Magic and Layla, three much older ponies - two tame and one wild - had quietly undone the knots on the gate and wandered off up the track. Having tiptoed across the cattle grid, they had headed off to the nearest moor and apparently evaporated. We knew that they would be fine and their owner just through it was funny. Half way through Wednesday morning Ro came to tell us that she had spotted them on the roadside at Hollow Tor just above the farm, but by the time we had gone back to bring them in, they were nowhere to be seen. A brief search revealed two bays and a grey standing on a rocky outcrop and fortunately it was them. Armed with a bucket and head collar we were able to persuade Hedgehog to come and be caught and she led the way down the road with the other two following behind. Perhaps the torrential rain had something to do with it but even the wild pony thought it was a good idea to come home.

David and I had the afternoon off and visited the Devon Wildlife Hospital where we met several real hedgehogs rescued following various accidents and incidents. We were encouraged to open up a Hedgehog Street (visit for details)