Thursday, October 6, 2011

6th October, 2011 Rix Farce

This evening, just after I had eaten my supper, the doorbell rang and I was told that one of the wild ponies was stuck upside down in a ditch. By the time I got there there were at least 10 people around this pony including Vivienne Sherriff who made a hat for Kate Middleton, and several other concerned neighbours, one of whom went for blankets. The agister was on his way and I called the Animal Rescue Service. I was told she had been there for a while and was truly stuck and it did seem that way. I reassured her and gave her head a lovely rub and as she was totally upside down I also gave her tummy a rub too. With that, she promptly rolled on to her side, squirmed and got up. The agister's Mum (Mrs Rix) turned up a second or two later - we cancelled Peter and the Animal Rescue Team and then watched the mare (who turned out to be Peter's) for a little while to make sure she was okay.

I'm sorry anyone who has been trying to get to this blog through the usual domain name. You can now take a short cut through - but I guess you know that because you are here!