Tuesday, October 18, 2011

18th October, 2011 Well over half way there

Sometimes there is no need to start afresh with a pony or horse. In Bea's case her owner was more than half way there in training her to load more easily. She had realised there was absolutely no point in getting heavy handed with her and that the pony was susceptible to carrots. With a bit of patience, Bea would already load providing there was another pony with her. We just needed to move things on and get her to load happily on her own. With a few changes to her owner's leading and loading technique, the addition of a click before the treat and the initial use of the panels, we were able to get her flowing on and off.

Meant to add that I was really impressed when hearing that this client had disqualified someone from a cross-country event for abusing their horse. Needs to happen more often.