Friday, January 13, 2012

13th January, 2012 An Inspector Calls

Today it was big tall Phin's turn to visit Longdown Farm. Phin was three this week and his owners felt it would be a great present for him as well as an educational experience. He is remarkably calm about new things anyway and would make a great police horse. Nevertheless, he coped with a huge range of new animals, sights and sounds today and inspected them all very carefully.

From the IHDG:

"Yes he is a very special boy! Sarah first came to us just after I bought him. I could touch his front end and put his head collar on easily but could not touch his back end! Sarah and her feather duster had us touching him all over and lifting his feet after just a couple of hours and we haven't looked back since. We've had long lining lessons with Sarah & Phin and my daughter Kathryn has attended Sarah's 2 day foal handling course .

Having Sarah out was the best thing I've ever experienced and worth every penny; highly recommend anyone to call on an RA for help with your horses!"