Monday, January 2, 2012

2nd January, 2012 Birthday donkeys

In just over two hours it will be my birthday. As a present my Mum has given a donation to the Safe Haven for Donkeys in The Holy Land, and not only that, she delivered it in person while she was visiting Israel and met some of the 160 donkeys that live there. For more details take a look at:

It is amazing to think that it is now almost 12 years since Englishwoman Lucy Fensom set up Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land. Lucy continues to work incredibly hard at our outreach projects and at the sanctuary, where there are now over 160 donkeys.

Lucy Fensom, Founder and Field Director says: 

Our success relies on your very generous donations so thank you to all of you who kindly donate to help our vital work.

Since 2000 we have rescued, treated and helped over 1,000 donkeys, mules and horses and run free mobile vet clinics and education programmes in the region, to teach both children and adults how to care for their working animal.

Our charity provides the free veterinary care for these poor, broken down animals that their owners would otherwise have no way of affording. By helping their working animals we are helping the people. We have worked hard to build relationships with many of these poverty stricken people and managed to reach out to their hearts. As a result they value our help tremendously and I find their appreciation so rewarding.One remarkable thing to see at our outreach clinics days is our small team of staff of all faiths, Muslim, Christian and Jewish - working together with the Palestinian owners solely to help the animals.