Wednesday, January 25, 2012

25th January, 2012 I will follow

It is counter-intuitive to horses to go anywhere on their own. Lone horses get killed by predators. Even older horses may not have been taught that it is okay to ride out alone. Rather than battle with a horse it is easier to work on this as if it is a missing part of their education. Incremental steps as always, building up from groundwork to ridden work in little stages looking out for those important trigger points where more work needs to be done.

This little horse was absolutely fine with someone on foot so his owner can now move on to ridden work. Note, it's no good expecting your horse to wade through water if you are going to teeter along the edges. Once again, wet feet and wet trousers but a horse that is happy to follow me through deep water.

"Thank you so much for your prompt "E" sending your hints and tips.  As yesterday was bin day at the yard, I thought it would be a good time to try W...... out and we employed PMA (positive mental attitude), did our brisk walk forward, straight past the bags, down the lane, sharp turn and back again, this time with them on his side - no reaction - so far so good.  Then led him up to them, paused, rustled them about a bit - then I was amazed that he actually stuck his nose down into them to see what was going on - RESULT! 
We may try a short venture out riding by ourselves later in the week - I have told him I will choose the route and he can provide the transport!
Thank you so much for your assistance and input.  It was great working with you and has given me much to think about.  Will keep you posted."SP 28.1.12