Monday, January 23, 2012

23rd January, 2012 Non-contact sport

It was off to see my favourite dressage horse this morning. Change of venue as her owner had arranged for us to work at Maggie Gill's here on the Forest. Riva has been pretty worried about working in in the warm up arena since she was crashed into by another horse and rider at one event. Fortunately it hasn't stopped her winning but her owner is keen to help her to get over it. At home, Riva rarely works with other horses around and shares her field with little ponies. She is quite slight and is understandably intimidated by bigger horses charging towards her. Facilities are not always ideal at dressage events but I do think people should be more considerate.

Warming up in her own section of the arena

Actively following Maggie on Jake. Riva, bless her, always has her working and concentrating face on but there was no doubt that she was enjoying sending him away!

Non-contact tig

Our ladies can't remember who is 'it'!

'Fly pasts' at trot with Riva on the inside..we also worked with her on the outside

Making a Riva sandwich

Joined by third horse Flossie and her rider, Natasha.
As usual, building up with lots of incremental steps. This exercise showed that Riva is helped by having a relaxed rider, there was lots of laughing and chatting going on and that she can cope with all walk and meaningful trot and being between another horse and the fence. Riva has never met any of these horses before. Once she is well established at this level, it should be possible to do more at canter.

Wonderful to work with three happy riders and three happy horses. Thank you Maggie and Natasha and of course Riva's owner, Tina, for entering into the spirit of things.