Thursday, June 21, 2012

21st June, 2012 Deux Chevaux or more

On tour by MG in France, we had to stop and look at a few horses. The ones above had had a long day pulling tourists around the streets of Saumur. The ones below were being driven mad by the early morning flies. All hogged, they took refuge under each others' tails when they could.

In the Cevannes, we found this sculpture celebrating the Arabian endurance horse. Whilst I met this Comtois cross coloured horse when out running in Belesta. She didn't look as if she had missed many (any!) meals!

The black Merens horse is a native of the Ariege-Pyrenees. They are about the size of a Welsh Cob with a Friesian look about them and I am told they have a lot of character!

As we made our way along the back roads between Ax Les Thermes and Axat, and were about 1,800 metres above sea level, we found these Comtois horses living semi-feral. The stallion is third one down.

Another gorgeous Comtois stallion spotted on our way back home.