Friday, June 29, 2012

29th June, 2012 Yes chef!!

I went to meet a super little mare called Minx today. She is half Warmblood and half Connemara. She took a real interest in everything we did including drawing a diagram in the sand and she gave a little squeal when she was touched by the feather duster although she accepted it readily enough on both sides of her body. She should be ready to be ridden very soon since her owner (a chef) has covered most of her early education.

One continuing theme over the last few appointments I have had has been the need for owner's to relax their jaw in order to help the horse to relax. If you imagine that you are speaking French this becomes a lot easier (if done in the right accent!). Otherwise you can think about dropping your tongue into the base of your mouth and that does the trick too.

"Had a great day with Minx today done some long reining which went so well and some practice of the things we covered when you came to see us. I also rode her up and down the yard with no lead moving off my leg which was the most amazing feeling ever! I aim to do some more desensitising with her next week (with the umbrella and plastic sheeting) Would I be able to book another session with you as I think it has helped us both so much, and I would love to continue this progress."KS