Sunday, June 24, 2012

24th June, 2012 Post holiday blues

It's been quite tricky getting myself in gear since I got back from holiday. My first session with Theoden and Amanda Barton went pretty well with him settling down to work as soon as we started so that we could continue with the theme that Mark Rashid started. I had been expecting a student to come from London for the weekend (at her request) but she cancelled at the very last minute which was a shame given that we had made plan for the weekend,  prepared her room, bought extra food and I had cancelled a road race that I would like to have taken part in. To cap it all the horse that I went out to work with yesterday afternoon has sustained an injury or fly strike to his eye and by the time I got there couldn't keep it more than half open and looked like he had a massive headache. Not fair to work with him in those circumstances particularly as we wanted to put a rider on board and it was pretty important that he could see her!

Still, I should have crunched through the gear changes enough by Monday morning to go off to Hayling Island to work with a non-loader.