Saturday, June 30, 2012

30th June, 2012 IH Garden Party

Great to see and hear Wil Robinson with his jazz band at the IH garden party. Wil ran the London Marathon  for the IH Charity of the Year, HorseWorld earlier this year and today played for the new IH Charity of the Year, Shy Lowen.

Another opportunity for me to dress up and wear my new shoes with their laces made of ribbons.

Not even the combined forces of me, IHRA Rosie, Hannah, Jessica the vet, Sue, little Jessica and Clare could find any of the answers on the quiz. Telling that I could remember that Princess Anne rode Doublet in the 1974 Olympics but couldn't say who was on the British Team this year.

In the meantime, Kelly's horses Pie and Harry took the opportunity to socialise with Eli's cob, Hovis.