Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3rd July, 2012 NFNF

I'll be honest, I find the Horse and Hound Forum quite scary and only go on there when I am feeling particularly brave. However, I have received two messages about my book ... it won't be long before people start to think about weaning their foals or taking on a semi-feral foal from the sales or a breeder so hopefully my book will help a few more people and ponies this Autumn.

"I truly think your book is a godsend. I got one of H.O.P.E's Dartmoor x's last year and I think I'd have been stuck without your book and a helpful message from you on Facebook when the delightful Harley kept killing the stick hand. It even gave me the confidence to take on a Forester too.x" Spiritedly

"Hiya Sarah I bought your book. Brill!!! Frank's been perfect can groom, tie up, pick front feet out hose legs etc." Staceyn