Tuesday, July 17, 2012

17th July, 2012 Murphy's Law

Another big boy today, pure Shire, Murphy, He's taller than he looks with his owner because she is tall too. She finds her 'police' hat and his stature very useful when it comes to slowing the traffic down. Just like Duke yesterday, this horse is a sweetheart although he was being driven mad by the flies that had all turned up on our only warm day this summer. Once again we looked at the basic groundwork exercises which can even be useful for horses that are normally calm and benevolent but oh so large and intimidating on those odd occasions when life is going wrong. We suspect that Murphy has been driven before as I was able to whizz through the 'pre-flight' checks and then plod off down the road to take him back to his field.

"Thank you for forwarding me your notes on our work we did with Murphy. He proved to be a star in the end!! I will continue to practise the techniques with Murphy and hopefully our partnership will grow stronger than it already is."AS