Sunday, July 15, 2012

15th July, 2012 Tous Shay!

From Bronagh:

"Just to let you know that WE DID IT!! We took Shay out to the forest yesterday and did the route around Fritham.  Shay loaded perfectly on the way out and, other than being a bit excited at the beginning, was brilliant on the ride. Cows are very, very interesting indeed - not scary, just requiring lots of thinking about. I did all the breathing exercises, counted paces, etc and I felt very comfortable letting him walk at his natural pace. I even trotted and cantered and always felt that he was under control. 

We also did some ground work this week and Shay is really quite comfortable with the feather duster now, so will have to move on to the plastic bags (I was less comfortable - I got stung by a bee whilst doing that exercise!)."