Friday, July 13, 2012

13th July, 2012 Friday the thirteenth

Slightly luckier with the weather today. Lorraine did more jumping and Linda did more lateral moves (without getting wet through).

Theoden and I also worked on lateral movements in a Western grid. The poles help the horse to work out where he needs to be and to present some boundaries. Theoden really gets this type of work and I only have to think about the 'open door' for him to move his legs over.

Between exercises we went for a rhythmical trot around the school. As soon as he had softened nicely for three strides, I needed to give him a very obvious release. What could be better than letting go altogether?

Back to the grid and a beautifully soft back up and an equally soft cuddle at the end of the session.

Following just our third clicker trained mounting session, Theoden stands stock still for me to get on. He knows his rights and looks round for his treat.

We wound down by riding the two Tolkien brothers, Hobbit and Theoden, out before I took Theoden and Rye home.