Wednesday, July 18, 2012

18th July, 2012 Endurance

Last night David and I went to a talk at the Wessex Classical Riding Group by top endurance rider Pauline Beech and her vet husband Len Beech. From owning a rescued Thoroughbred that wouldn't even walk down the drive, she went to gaining a Gold Award at the Golden Horseshoe Ride n Exmoor when Ben was 21 years old. From then on, endurance riding shaped her life and she went all over the world to compete.

I have a lot to thank endurance for too. Seventeen years ago on Monday, I met David at an endurance ride at Bulbarrow Hill when he was one of the trail riders marking the course and I was one of the marshalls. He was covered in dust and some very fetching motocross trousers and I remember thinking how yummy he looked. Ten years ago today we got married and although he looks almost green with fear, married life has suited us pretty well. I'd never lasted more than ten minutes with anyone before so it's a great achievement for which perhaps we should get a Gold Medal for endurance.