Friday, July 20, 2012

20th July, 2012 Gynaecology is a very hard word to spell

Nelly the Noo hopped on the bus this afternoon to go down to the gynaecology department at The Barn Vets. She seems to have been permanently in season for about ten weeks. I wasn't too worried at first and thought it might be because the stallions were out and she was in and only able to look but not touch. However, since then I have observed her up at the pond at Fritham Plain flirting outrageously but to no avail. Having edited an article I had received from professor Derek Knottenbelt about some of the underlying causes of such problems, I thought it was certainly time to get her checked out by the vet. Fortunately Nelly's James Herriott moment brought only good news as there is nothing sinister going on. The dark patch on the screen is in fact a very healthy follicle and she is just about to be genuinely in season.

It was suggested that I put her on Regumate but as she lives out and appears to be otherwise healthy and not fretting at all, I am just going to monitor her for now and perhaps consider some other route to 'switching her off' again. Incidentally the scan cost me £40.20 which is not a bad price for peace of mind.