Wednesday, July 11, 2012

11th July, 2012 Pour show?

If it weren't for the torrential rain, overhead thunder and lightning and wet clothes we would be having a perfect time at our private Amanda Barton clinic. Very sensibly, Amanda has a hat with guttering and the rest of us are just brining spare dry clothes and getting on with it.

Theoden is learning to accept greater accuracy in his steering and, not shown in this picture, how to stretch through right from the tips of his hind feet through to the whiskers on his nose. He's also been out for a ride with his fellow Tolkien character, Hobbit!

Lorraine's new pony, Crabbswood Zak, is a gorgeous pony. He's learning to soften his head carriage a little and also to go over small jumps.

Rye, who suffered the very worst of the weather today, is continuing his education and being encouraged to go forward more freely.