Monday, July 9, 2012

9th July, 2012 Tilly and Tash

It's been a while since I saw Tilly and Tash and I only had one, rather thundery, session with them. I got this update about them this morning:

"Just to let you know that Tilly is doing really well . Tash has her out most days and her hard work is paying off. She only has to look at her back end now and she is moving round with ease - also backs up a treat.  
She has wondered in and out of a trailer and thought a big scary monster was touching her backside that was fun but we got there in the end! Trotted for the  first time last week in hand  - had no idea at first and then it just clicked she is such a fast learner and takes it all in.
Just beginning to go out on road and walk over drains and through puddles. Has met cars pulling caravans and trailers and didn't flinch -I couldn't believe it. Has the vet this week for her first jab so that will be interesting to see. We are hoping to work on lifting the feet more freely."