Wednesday, June 27, 2012

27th June, 2012 Made My Day

Quite apart from having lovely clients today and two super grey horses to work with, my day has been made by this email that I received this morning. It also kept me going through my 7 1/2 mile bike ride and 6 mile run. I was going to go swimming tonight but finally ran out of steam.

"I really want to tell you how much I I look forward to your blog. I 'stayed sane' during over ten years at a boarding school during my childhood through my riding, and I'm sure I was more attached to my beloved pony than to anyone else!  I've got in touch with that again reading your daily activities. I also want to say how much I admire your determination and success getting fit and losing weight - you are a real inspiration.
I'm so glad you are enjoying your riding with Theoden. What a buzz you must have got out of today's ride!"
Virginia (from New Zealand) add to that, I have just received this email from Sarah T-E whose pony was one of the ones we worked with at the Dartmoor pony Training Centre last year when Sarah was also one of our students.

"Suki goes from strength to strength, she is very special, and I'm keen for as many people as possible to see what a feral foal can become with the help of your techniques. We try not to do too much with her, but she's very brave and always keen to spend time with me and the children. My daughter can't wait for her to be four. Sounds like your lovely Theoden has turned the corner, very exciting for you? Every time you feel down just think of all the souls, equine and human, that you've touched for the better. The local farmer who sold my friend Suzie her foal, who was untouched until 18 months, thought she'd never get near her, he was very impressed, and he's very traditional chap. The two people who look after her horses have also read your book after seeing her transformation. The ripple spreads, brilliant. Thank you again, you've certainly changed my life for the better, keep up the good work, hopefully see you soon." ST-E