Monday, May 12, 2014

12th May, 2014 Don't Flap!

Delegating to Tracey once more, a quiet desensitisation session for Kitty. Once again she excelled herself. Although we always work incrementally, it wasn't long at all  before she was walking under the fly strip and through the hoop.

My afternoon appointment in Wiltshire involved a new client and her pony Stuart, a Dales cross. Stuart is fairly wary of people approaching him with things in their hands, or indeed their hands, if he is not sure of their intent. I worked with the feather duster and then briefly with the carrier bags on a stick to start getting him accustomed to things approaching him with a good intent. Both can be used to give him a lovely rub.

He was much braver about stationary if bright obstacles and is really good in traffic.

We finished the session with some mounting work - asking him to park himself at the mounting block.

"It was great to meet you and your friend.  Thank you for the pictures. Continuing to work with duster and bags. Still worried by bags but so much calmer.  It is quite amazing." MW