Friday, May 9, 2014

9th May, 2014 The Art of Delegation

It was business as usual with kitty May this morning and no apparent reason for her outburst on Wednesday. Today we went out and about looking at every day objects on the Forest. She had time to reflect that the phone box but it was no good her phoning home because the telephone itself has gone.

Donkeys presented no problem nor the big cattle truck.

Up at the Royal Oak we left her while we went for lunch. She was really settled although she neighed at set intervals to ask if we are coming out. At home she acts as an alarm clock for her owner since her stable door is just below the bedroom window.

Even when attacked by a crab fly there wasn't much reaction other than some tail swishing and foot stamping.

We took her under the holly so that she would hear the holly rubbing on the saddle. Completely unperturbed.

And she jumped over various streams and logs with her stirrups flapping. No reaction to this either.