Saturday, May 3, 2014

3rd May, 2014 Dab Hand

Very few foals are expected on the Forest this year thanks to the well thought out efforts of the Commoners to reduce the number at the same time as preserving blood lines; it's a difficult line to tread. This morning I saw the very first New Forest foal in Fritham although there is a donkey foal up at Godshill and now a Shetland one at Longcross. This foal's mother was having a hard time of it when I left this evening as every other mare on the plain seemed to want to adopt it.

Having ridden Kitty May this morning, the next two calls were to recently purchased horses and in both cases they seem to have had a very good start in life and to have found themselves great homes.

Dartmoor Hill Pony Lola is a really lovely pony and considering she is only six has a very steady temperament. I love being able to ride these small ponies again. We worked on asking her to take the handbrake off when she is being ridden away from the gate - all that was needed was to pick up the Giddy Up rope and to move it across the front of my own body. She immediately game me her best walk and it was so nice to be able to move everyone away from having to nudge, nudge, nudge with every stride.

"Thank you very much, you clarified a lot for me. Lola was so good in your hands and most importantly a happy pony. I feel much better about her now, and it was lovely that you showed N and me a better way to lead rein. N was very happy explaining to Grandad about how her breathing stopped and started Lola, - he was impressed! We are so very very glad that you came out and good to know that you are so near by." YL

Five year old Belgian Warmblood Dabs has a wonderful temperament too and is very sensible for his age and breed. Naturally athletic he has the capacity to go boing! but chooses not to. Here he is showing how brave he can be.