Monday, September 11, 2017

11th September, 2017 That's All Folks

Yesterday came and went in a flash, and it was lovely to see so many people and so many ponies,  all enjoying themselves quietly over some challenging and colourful obstacles. The field looked as if it had been the victim of a paint-ball fight, primary colours everywhere. We raised £450 for the Exmoor Pony Centre.

Meeting up with a horsey lady recently I was reminded that I don't need to be involved anymore when she regaled me with a story about a horse that wouldn't stay still to be mounted. You just need to shout "Stand! so that he can hear you," she said. As I was about to respond I felt David's finger run gently all the way down my back. "Ah yes," I thought, "I could just walk away." So I did.

As a former Recommended Associate with no portfolio, I was pleased to be told that I would now be an IH Ambassador. I've been looking for a hat and a sash.