Saturday, September 30, 2017

30th September, 2017 Wild and woollies

Juma and his unofficial family continue to turn up every day for a meal or two. I have a decision to make shortly about whether he will spend his first winter in ground with his mother but that will mean separating them from the others. Since only one of the others is mine, I can't take them all in.

The Forest Ponies were particularly lively this morning as if they suspected that their might be a drift or a hunt at any moment. They looked particularly beautiful in their autumn colours against the autumnal backdrop.

We have opened up the winter fields and let the horses that were not being ridden through first. They practised their emergency procedures. This is the field that has been muck-spread so we will monitor their weight closely and take worm counts early next year.

That's if they haven't trashed it all within hours!

They had settled down to eat by the time we got back from a very serene ride with Petra and Théoden.

Who felt they had some catching up to do...