Sunday, September 11, 2016

11th September, 2016 A Real Turning Point

Day Two of the Handling the Pony Waif and Stray Course with Jo and Debrah. None the worse for their attendance at The Cuckoo Inn Beer Festival, they did some fabulous work with Magic and she responded extremely well.

We started off with some scarf work. Magic leads really softly to the left with the scarf so Jo had the brilliant idea of asking her to move to the left while she stayed where she was. This mean that she ended up on Magic's right side and could do some work there. Magic is becoming much more equal about which side she now presents to humans.

At the tea break Magic joined in, partaking in the odd biscuit, and circulating around the hostess and all the guests.

Sometimes it is so hard to choose...

...but this chap seems very nice and he has a good handshake.

After a stroll around the grounds... was time for headcollar work and this is no drama at all. The scarf stays in place with the headcollar over the top. Fortunately Debrah won't have to bend to this extend when she works with her Warmblood foal.

Magic seems to be asking the lady to do it all over again... Jo obliges, this time putting Magic's headcollar on from the right...

...until the very last second when Magic thinks it might be easier for all concerned if she moves her head.

Everyone thanked everyone else for a lovely day.

"What a 'Magic' weekend ! In the New Forest...Meeting ponies who allowed us to be a small part of their learning, the experience will stay with me forever. .. This little pony 'Magic' has touched my heart and soul...thank you to a special lady Sarah Weston for trusting and believing, you are an angel." JW on Facebook
"I would say a life-changing weekend" DB
"It was a fantastic weekend for Magic she really did make so much progress with Jo and Debs. I'm pleased they enjoyed themselves, they were a pleasure to have around, and I even got some jobs done by the hubbies! I'm delighted that Magic has managed to be so useful to you and your students, and that you seem to have worked such miracles with her." PP