Thursday, September 29, 2016

29th September, 2016 The Buffer Zone

The Bar Buffer is intended to cushion the horse against the hard feel of a breast bar in horsebox and trailer transport during braking and gear changes, and to reduce any bruising and irritation this causes. Your horse should be more comfortable when travelling as a result.  
The Buffer is made from durable, thick and dense materials, with a washable cover. It fits over your existing bar and the cover is fastened with robust Velcro.  
The Bar Buffer can also be used at the rear especially for horses that have experienced a problem with the back bar.  
The Bar Buffer was developed following the results of a research project I carried out on behalf of BARTA and Intelligent Horsemanship which revealed that horses were inclined to jump or attempt to jump the breast bar in all types of horse transport including front facing trailers. My own work as a trainer also revealed that horses were less likely to want to load once the front bar was put in position. I came to the conclusion that horses were experiencing significant discomfort when coming up against the bars, which are usually hard, narrow, and unforgiving, and for some time I have been advising owners to pad their front bar in some way. Existing products on the market were totally inadequate as the foam provided was too thin to make any difference to the comfort of the horse.

The Bar Buffer is made locally so that we can carefully monitor quality and we can quickly re-stock or make different sizes. At present we have all sizes available for Ifor Williams trailers including the HB403 mare and foal trailer. Single (half) width are £30, double (full-width) £38, and the mare and foal £36, plus postage and packaging where applicable.

Mike Bowers, upholsterer, working on the latest set of Bar Buffer covers.

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