Friday, September 23, 2016

23rd September, 2016 Bid for Freedom

I have to confess that I haven't done so much with Henrietta lately, partly because I was busy with Ivy and Henry was terribly jealous of the attention she was getting and had to be expelled from the barn for pulling faces at her through the windows, and partly because I ran out of ideas and thought I was getting nowhere. Although I have been able to trim her left back foot, the others are out of bounds to the pincers even though she will let me pick them up; going for walks on the Forest has been my only way of shortening them.

Sometimes a rest is as good as a change as Henry allowed me to do all sorts of new things this morning. I could touch her teats with the feather duster, brush between her front legs and also use my hand, and, better than all of that...

...put a headcollar around her nose. Tempting as it was to go for the crown piece at this stage, I felt that this was enough progress for one day and took her out for a walk with Sarah.

As usual we had great fun and the magnetic field between Jack and Henrietta held fast all the time that we were in the inclosure...

...however, once we were out on the open Forest again she took off in the opposite direction and I was convinced I was going to lose her to a herd of ponies. Jack watched her go without a single neigh, which would have been very useful just at that moment, but fortunately she did come back after a very large circuit of the area, with me traipsing after her calling plaintively with Jack in one hand and the emergency bucket in the other. From now on it seems that she will have to be taxied over to the inclosure in the trailer!